Builder Portal

The Builder Portal platform is designed to run in the BuilderMT-hosted cloud. There is nothing to purchase, just a low monthly subscription. Builder Portal will deliver all of BuilderMT’s web-based products, current and future.

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Builder Portal for Supers

Allows superintendents to manage various aspects of their daily tasks via the web. It can expand the Mobile Scheduling module to offer more scheduling detail on a larger screen (i.e. notebook, laptop, iPad, etc.).


Builder Portal for Trades

The Trade Portal function of Builder Portal is a web-based application giving the trades and vendors access to a portal which provides flexible, interactive, real-time communications between trades and the Builder’s staff.

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Builder Portal Collaboration

Allows builders to connect their BuilderMT Workflow Management Suite (WMS) Desktop to Builder Portal (trades, vendors, supers, etc.) and send individual or group messages, including documents and reports.


Builder Portal VPO

Designed to allow field staff to request a Variance Purchase Order in the field using a mobile device or computer browser accessing the Internet, in order to not involve the office staff unless a dollar amount threshold is exceeded.

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Builder Portal MOM

Models and Options Manager (MoM) is a simple web-based solution for managing your models product catalog. This product allows you create as many databases as you need, create custome fields, and easily Import from Excel.